Sanitary Patrols protest low pay and payroll deductions


A large number of health patrols – who carry out dengue and polio missions – staged a protest rally outside the office of the chief executive of the District Health Authority (DHA) against low pay and harsh working conditions .

The health patrols, made up of both men and women, said the Punjab health department had canceled their Sunday leave. They said health authorities also deduct the wages of workers who take official leave on Sundays.

Protesting staff said the health department expects them to perform their duties from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and those who do not show up on Sunday forfeit a day’s pay, receive notices of justification and would also have been the subject of threats of dismissal. and blackmail.

“The practice of payroll deductions on public holidays should be abolished. If it was necessary to call into work on Sunday in an emergency, then they should be compensated,” they added.

They further demanded that, in accordance with the law, in the event of an emergency, two leaves per month be granted without deduction of wages. They demanded that the sick leave facility be provided apart from other benefits.

They demanded daily bets to be paid out on time and hassle-free. “Supervisors and health patrols fall into the same category. The supervisors must be done with the mutual consultation of the health patrols and the less educated must not be privileged.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 25and2022.