Sarah Everard accused Wayne Couzens of continuing to receive his police salary

Wayne Couzens handcuffed and arrested Sarah Everard before killing her. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Sarah Everard accused Wayne Cozens of continuing to receive his police salary during his trial.

PC Wayne Couzens, 48, was arrested at his home in Deal, Kent, before being charged later on the evening of Friday March 12 for the death of Ms Everard. Armed diplomatic protection officer will now continue to receive his police salary while on trial for Sarah’s murder, according to The sun.

The officer is expected to receive his full salary of at least £ 33,000 a year until the verdict of the trial is delivered, unless he pleads guilty.

This is in accordance with previously established guidelines which presume the innocence of the officer, until proven guilty, like any other accused. The National Council of Chiefs of Police said: “The policy would be for the officer to receive his full salary until such time as he is fired.”

A spokeswoman for the Police Federation explained to The sun that “The situation with the police is in some respects no different from that of any other employee who has been arrested and charged with offenses.

“They would continue to be paid until disciplinary proceedings were invoked, the speed of which would be up to the employer.

“While there is no such thing as instant dismissal without pay in the police service, there is an expedited disciplinary process as well as the possibility of pension forfeiture, which does not exist outside of the police service.

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