sharma: Top Cop orders finance companies to obtain CCTV cameras | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma on Saturday ordered all gold lending companies, micro-finance companies, banks and other financial institutions to install night vision CCTV cameras, which could cover the road in front of the branch, all entry and exit points, reception and all other vital points inside the branch with a storage capacity of up to 30 days with backup power.
Companies were also asked to install a DVR/NVR and an inverter in a place that is difficult for visitors to find in order to avoid any damage to it by criminals. There must be a provision for remote recording and storage of footage, perhaps in a regional office or at company headquarters, for any eventuality, the commissioner said.
Sharma said management will be responsible for installing and ensuring the proper functioning of burglar alarms at branches. The burglar alarm must be operated separately by the branch manager, cashier and any other branch manager from their seat. He said the alarm should be linked to their respective headquarters. Head offices in turn must have an efficient and fast communication system where call messages can be immediately sent to the police control room.
“In addition, a BSNL landline telephone with an automatic dialer should be installed in the branch. As soon as the alarm goes off, a teleprompter should automatically notify the police control room of the suspicious activity in the branch in a pre-recorded message. The alarm must be audible to nearby areas up to 100 meters away so that any nearby police patrol can respond immediately and civilians in the neighborhood can be notified,” the order reads.
The police chief said security personnel should be deployed after proper background checks through a police check. The name and telephone numbers of all visitors must be entered in a register before entry.