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Sheriff’s Office Releases Special Enforcement Stats

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office received a grant from the Nebraska Bureau of Highway Safety for Overtime Traffic Enforcement in conjunction with National Speeding Prevention High-Visibility Enforcement.

Agencies in Nebraska and the United States participated in this initiative, which ran from July 20 to August 14.

The sheriff’s office provided 12 deputies who worked a total of 313 overtime hours.

The following traffic enforcement statistics were reported: 73 speeding tickets; 2 tickets for reckless driving; 10 arrests for impaired driving – alcohol; 22 criminal arrests; 15 fugitives apprehended; 8 citations for open liquor container; 11 tickets for minors in possession of alcohol; 3 citations for seat belt violation; 1 report for violation of the child passenger safety restraint system; 143 quotes in total; 192 vehicles in total contacted.

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