South Yorkshire Police release August control room stats and details of worst 999 call

South Yorkshire Police responded to more than 60,000 calls in August, during the month many people and children were on summer vacation.

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The force shares the monthly stats on social media, to give people an insight into life in its emergency control room, and the types of calls staff shouldn’t receive.

Figures have been released showing how busy South Yorkshire Police call handlers are

This month, a caller said, “Come fix my leaky roof and turn on the blue lights.”

This follows a call last month, where someone dialed 999 and said, “My wifi isn’t working, do you know what time it is?”

The force divides its stats into 999 and 101 calls, with 999 being for emergencies.

This month South Yorkshire Police received 26,640 calls to the emergency number, down from 2,200 calls in July, and also cut the time it takes to respond to 999 calls – to nine seconds from 12.

The busiest day for the force last month was August 13, when they took 1,070 999 emergency calls in one day.

The force took just over 4,500 more 101 calls than in July, rising from 29,896 to 34,483, a steady increase from 999 statistics.

Despite the increased demand on the non-emergency number, they also reduced call waiting time from 10 minutes and 45 seconds to 9 minutes and 19 seconds.

The total number of calls answered by the control room during the month of August was 61,123