Statistics show that seat belt safety is increasingly ignored in Maharashtra

Death of Cyrus Mistry: Statistics show seatbelt safety increasingly ignored in Maharashtra |

Statistics provided by the State Traffic Safety Police have revealed that there is a multiple increase in cases of traffic violations by motorists not wearing seat belts in the state. In 2019, 5.50 lakh challans were issued against motorists not wearing seatbelts, which rose to 9.14 lakh as of September 4. The total amount of fines imposed in these cases this year to date is a whopping Rs 23.09 crore.

According to statistics, in 2019, 5.50 lakh challans totaling Rs 23.09 crore in fines were issued of which 86,000 challans remain unpaid. In 2020, 7.11 lakh challans totaling Rs 17.09 crore in fines were issued, of which 2.43 lakh challans remain unpaid.

In 2021, 9.27 lakh challans equivalent to a total of Rs 23.63 crore in fines were imposed, of which 3.99 lakh challans remained unpaid. The number has also increased significantly in 2022 with 9.14 lakh challans amounting to a total of Rs 23.09 crore already issued from January to September 4, of which 4.54 lakh challans remain unpaid.

“The figure also includes Mumbai. All challans are issued based on vehicle number. It is up to the owner to decide who they give the responsibility or obligation to pay the challan. The primary responsibility lies with the owner of the vehicle to s ensure the vehicle is not involved in a traffic offense Currently we issue a challan under section 194B(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act which relates to the use of seat belts Thus, anyone driving a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt or carrying passengers for failure to wear a seat belt will be fined Rs 200,” said a traffic police officer from the state.

He added: “We had recently taken a special trip on the Mumbai-Pune highway in regards to seat belt violation. We had taken a trip from Lok Adalat and raised the issue of pending or unpaid challans. in Lok Adalat.Notices were then issued to traffic offenders via Lok Adalat.More than Rs 200 crore in unpaid challans was later recovered from the offenders.

“Awareness raising related to traffic rules is done daily by our police officers in Dhaba, trucks or parked vehicles. Mrityunjay Doot’s public volunteers are also creating awareness. Wearing seat belts will not only save a life, but ensure also that a person does not suffer serious injuries. The reason for not wearing a seat belt, in my opinion, is that it takes time to change behavior. Especially those who sit in the back seats have the feeling they are not at much risk, but they must understand that when static energy is converted into kinetic energy then the person sitting in the back seat is pushed forward. rear are more at risk because if you don’t fasten your seatbelt, you may bump into the head of the person sitting in front and buckle their seatbelt,” said the di Additional Police Rector General of the National Road Safety Police, Kulwant Sarangal.

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