Statistics support that the police see black people as enemies

Stats on Black Men and Police Show Claims Aren’t So ‘Ridiculous’

Deborah Lind, in her letter of January 17, “To claim that the police view black people as ‘the enemy’ is ‘ridiculous'” argues that police claims that black people are enemies are ridiculous.

Following:Pastor: Police think black people are ‘the enemy’ because of ‘warrior mindset’

Coincidentally, on the same day, on the same page of the Dispatch, a column by Rashawn Ray titled “The chilling statistics on black men, the police” appeared.

A close up shot of police lights at night

Following:Researcher: Goodson murder reflects ‘worrying statistics’ on black men and police

I suggest that Lind read this column with an open mind to see that the claims of police mistreatment, often violent to the point of murder, are hardly


Of course, there are nice and honest officers. I have met several.

But, as the saying goes, “A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”

Neelam Soundarajan, Dublin


America must unite on COVID issues

We are now in a situation where the Supreme Court of the United States places the personal freedoms of citizens before the health and well-being of other citizens. The court overturned President Joe Biden’s tenure that companies with 100 or more employees requiring these employees to be vaccinated OR submit to Covid testing on a weekly basis.

Following:Some big Ohio employers suspend vaccine requirements pending legal battle over Biden rule

Vaccination opponents among these employees would not have to be vaccinated.

All they would have to do is get tested.

This would be essential to their health and that of others around them. How hard could that be? Conservative politics played a big role in the court’s decision.

Following:Ohio Attorney General, Sheriffs Sue Biden Administration Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Let’s come together on COVID issues, America.

Most Americans claim to be caring individuals. I’m beginning to doubt that when it comes to the issues facing this nation.

Wayne Branfield, Columbus

Stricter gun laws would protect people from themselves

Marquetta Williams recounts the events surrounding the death of her husband, James Williams, 46, who fired celebratory shots in the air to ring in 2022 was shot dead by a township police officer shooting through the fence wooden gated family safety.  Monday January 3, 2021.

Why don’t Ohio lawmakers want to pass or maintain regulatory gun laws that protect law-abiding citizens from themselves? What about all the unintentional deaths resulting from weak gun laws?

Marquetta Williams, widow of James Williams, speaks to the media during a candlelight vigil held at Williams' home on Wednesday January 5, 2022.

Poor James Williams of Columbus (Canton Repository, January 7, “Widow: “They just shot him”“), a law abiding, human being of integrity who was shot dead by a police officer after firing his wife’s AR-15 into the air to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Following:Widow: “They didn’t say ‘Police’. They didn’t say, ‘Freeze.’ … They just shot him.”

I mourn for him and his loved ones for this senseless tragedy.

James would be alive today, if stricter gun regulations had stopped him from handling his wife’s gun irresponsibly.

James didn’t have a license. Why should these people be allowed to own firearms? Obviously, they’re not using them to protect themselves, as stated in the Second Amendment.

Following:Ohio Senate Republicans pass bill eliminating need for concealed carry permits

Stricter gun regulations could inspire law-abiding citizens to take guns more seriously and therefore act more responsibly with that “freedom” to bear arms they so desperately feel place.

Following:Letters: use common sense. Don’t shoot your gun on New Year’s Eve.

The fact is that the fewer guns there are, the fewer gun deaths there are.

What’s wrong with having restrictions on gun ownership to protect these law abiding citizens of their own irresponsible acts that result in unintentional shooting deaths?

Susie Stan, Christopher Columbus

Don’t count out Biden, he’s already made a comeback

President Joe Biden had a extremely difficult first year, but it has already been down and reassembled.

Following:Is President Biden asleep or is he rebuilding the nation better? Let’s talk about it.

Remember the presidential primary, when he was on the ropes with no money and few supporters and yet he came back and won?

Never count old Joe. America loves a comeback story and Joe Biden could provide one.

Michael Oser, Christopher Columbus

Michel Ramirez