Stink bomb deployed at Anne Arundel County Council meeting – Capital Gazette

A stink bomb was dropped during a meeting of Anne Arundel County Council on Monday night at the Arundel Centre.

Corporal Mark Balonis of the County Police Department said the individual who activated the device was a man dressed to look like feces with the words “Police Accountability Board” on his outfit. After the incident, the man who identified himself as Phil Ateto was led out of the rooms and released without receiving a citation, Balonis said.

The device left rooms smelling like skunk spray. The device was used after Ateto testified that he was unhappy that the council approved the Police Accountability Council without including recommendations from the Anne Arundel County Coalition for Police Accountability.

Ateto had attended several meetings over the past few weeks when the bill was discussed to advocate for more changes to the proposed board.

Coalition members rallied and testified at several meetings in support of the new council’s diversity and investigative powers. The bill was passed two weeks ago without investigative powers.

“Look at yourself in the mirror for a long time tonight,” he told the council members.

A large fan has been installed to reduce the power of the smell. Council deliberations resumed after the room had been vacated for approximately 20 minutes.

Balonis said a stink bomb in the council chamber was a first for him.