Strathcona County City Hall Gives Crime Stats and Police Priorities –

Residents of Strathcona County got an overview of policing in the county.

On Thursday evening (March 3), RCMP and Law Enforcement Services hosted a virtual town hall where they gave a presentation on policing the county and allowed residents to ask any questions .

Inspector Dale Kendall and Director Tom Sutton covered the county’s policing priorities for the year. Their top three are traffic safety, crime reduction and public engagement.

Between October and December, officers issued 3,059 tickets and 2,233 warnings.

Overall, crime has gone down over the past year, according to Kendall. The municipal Criminal Code offense gauge was down 18%, with crimes against persons down 19%, property crimes down 27% and other Criminal Code offenses down 15%.

They also saw a decrease in break and enters, vehicle thefts and thefts under $5,000.

“We actually have a pretty low crime rate in Strathcona County. It’s a very safe community, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t crime here. Of course there is. , we have the stats that tell us crime is happening here, but when we look at comparisons with other jurisdictions in different areas, we have pretty low crime rates,” she said.

The most frequent calls agents receive are for wellness checks, which usually do not incur any charges. Instead, the officer will attempt to help the resident and work with them to find resources if needed.

As for public engagement, they brought back their school resource officer this year, after pausing the program for a while during the pandemic, and are trying to be out in the community more often to engage with residents.

Kendall and Sutton concluded their presentation by asking everyone to report any problems in the community, no matter how small, to help police know where to watch and help gather statistics. They also encouraged everyone to download the Alberta RCMP app to track crime in the area.