Swiggy delivery men demonstrate in Bangalore and demand a fixed salary of Rs 26,000/month

More than a hundred Swiggy delivery partners under the All India Gig Workers’ Union platform went on strike in Marathahalli on Friday, demanding fair wages.

A key workers’ demand is a fixed salary of Rs 26,000 per month, in line with the central unions’ minimum wage demand.

Currently, the payment ranges from Rs 15 to 45 per delivery, depending on the distance travelled, said Akshay Chowdhury, one of the protesters.

“We get a bonus of Rs 425 for Rs 650 earned for 25 deliveries per day. Nowadays, we only receive one or two orders per hour. Fewer orders means our income is around Rs 300-400 per day. We don’t get the incentives,” Chowdhury said.

“We have to work 12 to 14 hours to earn the incentives. We also have to spend on fuel and phone charging from our income,” Chowdhury added. He said Swiggy is constantly hiring new delivery partners, which reduces the number of orders per partner.

“Around the world, anyone who works eight-hour shifts receives a fixed salary. Therefore, we also ask for a fixed amount. Those who perform better in shift schedules can receive incentives,” Chowdhury said.

Workers also said Swiggy levies hefty penalties on their earnings based on customer feedback. The process is not transparent and workers are given no explanation for their pay cuts. They asked Swiggy to streamline their order delivery system.

Although the delivery partners are informed that the orders are ready, they are forced to wait 20 to 40 minutes at the restaurant. This prevents them from taking the next order, in addition to earning them negative feedback from customers.

Grievance redress officer

Seeing that they are paid little for long-distance deliveries outside their zones, the workers asked Swiggy to appoint a grievance officer in each zone to solve their day-to-day problems.

“We organized the strike because Swiggy workers were unable to contact management. We also plan to ask the government to step in and come up with legislation allowing workers to get help,” he said. said Suman Das Mohapatra, coordinator of All India Gig Workers’ Union-Karnataka.

Workers returned to work on Friday evening after Swiggy’s area manager in Marathahalli promised to discuss their issues with senior management. Chowdhury said the manager had asked for time until Monday. “We will continue to work until then,” he said.

“If our problems are not resolved, we will continue the strike by collaborating again with construction workers from other companies like Zomato,” he said.

DH could not reach Swiggy for comment.