Teachers helped in Jalandhar without pay for four months: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Jalandhar, June 12

Teachers in assisted schools have not received their salaries for four months. At a meeting to discuss the deteriorating condition of assisted schools and about holding meetings with the government on the issue, teachers said they had been ignored by successive governments.

The Aided School Employees’ Association meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Punjab Core Committee, Baldev Singh. It was also reiterated during the meeting that the teachers had met with state government ministers, deputies and officials about their issues and aired their grievances, but got nothing more than insurance.

State press secretary and spokesman for the association, Manish Aggarwal, said: “Employees at assisted schools have not received salaries for the past four months. It has been over two months since we sent out estimates for 2022-2023. Despite being contacted several times, the Mohali DPE office cites the unavailability of a concerned officer. The Ministry of Education had also been asked to name the responsible soon, but to no avail. We face many inconveniences due to late payment. On the other hand, employees of subsidized schools, like those of public schools, are also entitled to wages according to the sixth report of the wages commission, but even after more than six months, the government has not issued a letter. for them.

The members of the association added that in addition to this, the students studying in the aided schools were also an overlooked lot. They too are entitled to benefits comparable to public school students, such as books, lunch, uniform, shoes and other facilities.

They said subsidized schools play a key role in the state. But most of the organizing committees of assisted schools are economically weak due to lack of infrastructure development. The association demanded that the state government release a special grant for assisted schools.