Teachers’ pay stuck as Block’s education agent changes offices – the New Indian Express

Through Express news service

ROURKELA: It may sound strange, but the salaries of 826 primary school teachers in Rourkela and Bisra in the tribal-dominated Sundargarh district have reportedly been suspended due to the relocation of the local education office.

While the disbursement of salaries is a routine process, Pragya Paramita Jena, Block Education Officer (BEO), associates the delay with moving her office from Rourkela to Bisra Block.

Sources from the Department of School and Mass Education (SME) indicated that 16 block education offices in Sundargarh are located in the respective headquarters. But Bisra and Steel City had a common BEO which operated from Rourkela. At the request of the public, the SME department ordered on December 22 last year to move Bisra BEO to the BRCC office building in the block headquarters. However, the BEO complied with the order on December 28.

Asked about the delay in paying wages, BEO Jena said the BRCC office building requires infrastructure improvement and layout changes with a new estimate. “I had asked the government to give me time, but I was forced to change. The office is not quite ready, although many files and furniture are left behind in Rourkela. I’m doing my best but I can’t say when I would be able to release the wages for the month of December, ”she added.

Sundargarh District Education Officer AK Pradhan said paying wages was routine and the delay was unacceptable. A new instruction has been given to the BEO to release the salary as soon as possible.

Reliable sources at the BEO office said a few days ago that the relevant clerk generated the salary bill, but Jena kept it with her.

All Utkal Primary Teachers’ Federation Sundargarh District Secretary General Sanjay Samal said teachers had no other source of income and without the December salary they were facing hardship financial. “Defying the order of government, the BEO of Bisra tries to make teachers feel that they are at its mercy. I urge the government to take this behavior seriously, ”he added.

In an order of September 24, 2019, the finance department made it clear that the payment of salary and pension should be made on the last working day of a month. In addition, a single page salary invoice generated in the revised HRIS format, Odisha, should be used for this purpose.