Teachers protest against non-payment of their salaries: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Nawanshahr, April 23

Under the banner of the Sanjha Adhyapak Morcha, primary school teachers, who are awaiting their salaries for the march, along with other morcha leaders, staged a protest outside the District Education Office (DEO) on Friday.

The protesting teachers said that all Block Primary Education Officer (BPEO) positions in the district were vacant, so the teachers’ march salary could not be released.

They said earlier that their salaries for December, January and February were released the last week of March due to budget issues. Now the March salary has not been released as there is no BPEO in the district. If the issue remains unresolved, the April salary would also be delayed.

In particular, the BPEOs are responsible for the supervision of elementary and primary schools, the publication of pay slips and other coordination tasks. Teachers have said that the functioning of primary schools is affected in the absence of the BPEO and their salaries are repeatedly delayed, but nothing is being done to address the problem.

“There are a total of seven blocks in the district, but not a single BPEO has been named so far. All seven BPEO positions are vacant. Even we have asked the higher authorities to give the powers of the DDO, which generally remains at the BPEO, to any other officer in the district, so that the work related to the salary is not delayed, but to no avail,” they said.

“The teachers and leaders of the Sanjha Adhyapak Morcha have now decided to meet with the DPI to present the application for the appointment of the BPEO to Nawanshahr,” said Kuldeep Singh Daurka.