Texas hunts inmate for murder after bus escape

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has launched a manhunt for a capital murder inmate after he escaped from a transport bus on Thursday.

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, who escaped to Leon County between Dallas and Houston, is serving a life sentence for capital murder and attempted capital murder.

Lopez attacked an officer on the bus before escaping to Leon County, where the search began by the TDCJ and the Texas Office of Inspector General (OIG), among other law enforcement agencies. laws.

The bus was wrecked near Centerville, Texas shortly after Lopez commandeered the vehicle.

Lopez has a record of multiple aggravated assaults and a citation for possession of marijuana, among other offenses.

The attempted capital murder occurred in Webb County in 2004, followed by counts of aggravated kidnapping and capital murder in Hidalgo County in 2005.

Lopez was convicted of capital murder in 2006 and attempted capital murder the following year.

“TDCJ, OIG and multiple law enforcement agencies are looking for the inmate near Westbound Interstate 7 in Leon County, approximately 1.5 miles from Interstate 45,” TDCJ announced Thursday after- noon. “If you spot Lopez, contact 911 immediately and do not approach her.”

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office provided an update at 3 a.m. Friday, saying, “The suspect is still at large. Many agencies are still working together to understand the subject, including DPS Aircrafts. We work in the area north of Highway 7, near the area between CR 317 and CR 320.”

The office reminded residents of the Leon County area to lock their doors and vehicles and call the police rather than approach Lopez.

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