An index published quarterly ensures that seafarers are paid at the same level as market standards

SINGAPORE, January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Navigation as a career option has been significantly diluted by the ongoing pandemic. Global media coverage around the crew change crisis and related issues has caused many aspiring sailors to re-evaluate their decisions. As a first step in getting midshipmen to reconsider their options, salaries are key. Job seekers would naturally expect to be paid on par with the competition. However, the task of finding out can be difficult.

Companies spend significantly on combined salaries and benefits. How an organization compensates its most important asset has a huge impact on the overall performance of the team, as well as the industry as a whole. Marine Online’s recruiting arm, Crewing Online, has released a quarterly salary index to help employers stay on track to attract and retain top talent.

Edmond Chik, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Marine Online, said, “Compensation has a huge impact on business performance. Therefore, more investment should be made in compensation strategies to stay focused on the goal of attracting and retaining top talent. Our GSSI is a comprehensive dataset that provides an understanding of prevailing pay rates and trends. »

“To ensure authenticity and reliability, they are sourced from both global seafarer agencies and seafarer disclosure. Our quarterly GSSI will help shipowners, recruitment agencies and seafarers identify wage differentials to ensure all parties are informed of wage trends. Above all this helps rekindle seafarers’ taste for their career choice.”

The company recently helped a Chinese shipowner to put together an Indonesian crew – taking care of all the preparation procedures, including transport. The crew customization service is also available on Marine Online. As a single platform, it is also able to help customers obtain the necessary certification, even from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

Marine Online has been a long-time partner of AMP, allowing shipowners to register their vessels and request crewing approvals through the platform. Everything being done digitally, the shipowners are exempted from the drudgery of going physically to the Panama embassy at Singapore for administrative procedures. As a customer-centric platform providing maritime professionals with value-added maritime solutions, Marine Online has so far transacted for a customer base of Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Greece.

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