The Ministry of Health will pay Holohan’s salary for the position of TCD

Outgoing Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan is on an ‘open-ended secondment’ from the Department of Health to take up a post at Trinity College Dublin.

Dr. Holohan announced last month that he was stepping down as chief marketing officer to take on a new role as professor of public health strategy and leadership at TCD.

A TCD spokesman confirmed this morning that the role will be “funded by the Department of Health…under the same terms and conditions as his existing contract”.

The spokesperson added: “Secondments between organizations are a regular and common feature in the public and civil service to encourage interdepartmental and interagency cooperation and the sharing of knowledge and skills in the public interest.”

The TCD role was not openly competed for and the university said it was “created with Dr Holohan in mind”.

It was created by the College Board in the context of recent and ongoing world events, including conflict, climate change, migration, and the recent pandemic.

Dr Holohan was appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer in 2001, before becoming Chief Medical Officer in December 2008.

He qualified as a doctor at University Hospital Dublin in 1991.

Most recently, he was chairman of the National Public Health Emergency Team, which provided advice to the government regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.