The trade union movement demands a general revision of the salaries of civil servants –

The labor movement in Nigeria says there is a need for a comprehensive pay review for public service workers.

Quadri Olaleye, President of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), made the call during the celebration of International Workers’ Day 2022 on Sunday in Abuja, under the theme “Labour, Politics and the Quest for Good Governance and Development in Nigeria “.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that the 2022 workers’ celebration was jointly organized by the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and the TUC.

Olaleye said a general salary review for workers in the civil service, police, armed forces and paramilitary forces is imperative due to the high cost of living in the country.

According to him, “we demand an upward revision of the salaries of the main civil servants, officers of the Nigerian police, members of our armed forces and paramilitary agencies who are making enormous sacrifices to ensure our security”.

He, however, praised President Muhammadu Buhari for announcing a salary increase for teachers and police officers in 2021.

He also called on relevant government agencies to translate the presidential declaration of a pledge into actual deposits in the bank accounts of affected workers.

He commended the President for exempting the permanent secretaries from the contributory pension scheme and also endorsed the fact that they received their salary for life.

“It is a good motivation for those who have devoted their whole lives to the service of our nation and our people.

“In the same vein, we require the payment of a gratuity to all retirees. What is good for retired permanent secretaries is also good for all retirees,” he said.

The TUC chairman also said there was a need for governments to renew the payment of gratuities to civil servants across the country.

According to him, “we urge governments at all levels to respect the provisions of the 2014 pension reform law which did not abolish the payment of gratuities to workers.

“We urge the federal government and certain state governments that have stopped paying gratuities to settle their arrears.

“It is gratifying that many private sector employers continue to pay tips,” he said.

Olalaye, however, praised the state governments of Lagos, Borno, Jigawa, Kebbi, Oyo, Kano and Yobe for spearheading the payment of gratuities.

He added that the gratuity for retiring officers should be reinstated in the civil service to compensate workers for years of service.

“We are also calling for the immediate payment of a new minimum pension to Nigerian pensioners whose pension benefits are subject to such an adjustment,” he said.

Olaleye, while thanking President Buhari for the recent increase in the retirement age of teachers from 60 to 65, called on the government to revise upwards the retirement age and years of service in the entire public service.

He added that certainly what is good for the goose is also good for the gander,” he said.