Thunder Bay Police Report on Festive Ride Campaign Statistics

Impaired driving remains prevalent during the pandemic

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – Thunder Bay Police Service officers laid 13 impaired driving charges and 13 warning distance suspensions during this season’s Festive RIDE campaign.

A total of 12 RIDE programs were conducted during the annual campaign. Officers established RIDE checkpoints at various locations around the city and witnessed a high volume of impaired driving incidents despite significantly lower traffic volumes.

The reduction in traffic volumes is believed to be the result of COVID-19 related restrictions.

Here are some notable stats from this season’s Festive RIDE:

• 13 criminal charges related to impaired driving offenses
o 8 charged with operation while impaired and operation 80 Plus (driving above the legal blood alcohol concentration)
o 3 charged with drug-impaired driving
o 2 accused of refusing to provide a breath sample
• 3 drivers were charged with prohibited use of a means of transportation (these drivers are prohibited from operating a vehicle across Canada, generally as a result of an impaired driving conviction or another pipe)

Other charges under the Criminal Code included:

o Possession of a controlled substance
o Possession of proceeds of crime
o Dangerous driving of a means of transport
o Escaping legal custody
o Failure to comply with probation and discharge orders
o Leak from the police
o Assault Police
• 13 warning range suspensions have been issued (these are for drivers who have between 50mg and 80mg of alcohol, and their driving licenses are suspended for a minimum of 3 days)

Numerous provincial offense charges, including multiple charges for many of the following offences:

o Driving under suspension
o Driving a motor vehicle without insurance
o Novices and young drivers with a blood alcohol level above zero
o Other Novice Driver Violations
o Driving a motor vehicle with readily available cannabis
o Using plates not authorized for the vehicle
o Do not move for an emergency vehicle
o Driving a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol
o Numerous travel violations (red lights, speeding, stop signs, seat belts etc…)

For the year, the Thunder Bay Police Service laid 252 charges related to impaired driving incidents. Of the 252 charges, 109 were related to drug-impaired driving incidents and 10 were related to denials.

Although the numbers are slightly lower than the 299 charges laid in 2020, the rate is still well above that of 2018 and 2019 – when 178 and 204 charges were laid respectively.

The results of the Festive RIDE 2021 program show that impaired driving is still a real problem in our city and beyond, and despite awareness, education and messaging about the problem, it is still occurring at an alarming rate. . For this reason, the Thunder Bay Police Department would like to once again remind sober motorists to be extra careful and drive carefully to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision with an impaired driver.

Several incidents during the Festive RIDE campaign are particularly troubling. In one incident, a driver was charged with various charges including impaired operation of a motor vehicle and driving a motor vehicle while prohibited. This driver was a lifetime Canada-wide prohibited driver and had two separate lifetime driving prohibition orders.

These impaired driving and prohibited driving charges are in addition to the four other convictions this driver already has for impaired driving and prohibited driving. During the RIDE control, the motorist was driving with a blood alcohol level four times higher than the legal limit.

Another incident was particularly troubling and dangerous for the officers involved. A motorist attempting to flee from RIDE control dragged an officer whose arm became trapped inside the vehicle. The motorist was charged with numerous criminal offences, including impaired driving (by drugs).

Members of the Thunder Bay Police Department will continue to do their best to identify, locate and arrest these impaired drivers in our city because despite the best efforts of many, this is still a very real problem. and problematic for our citizens.