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WARREN – Trumbull County Electoral Council workers received 7.19-30.5% pay increases, board chairman saying workers were being paid “terribly low”, which brought them in line on the rest of the county salary grid.

Until these increases, seven of the board’s 11 full-time employees earned between $ 25,617 and $ 31,016 in annual salaries. Even with the extra pay, four of them still won’t receive more than $ 31,051 in annual pay.

“This is a salary adjustment based on the Trumbull County salary scale,” said board chairman Mark Alberini. “It’s a rectification. I don’t see it as increases. We looked at job descriptions, education, experience and specialization. We are fixing the problem.

The increases will allow the board to be “more competitive with salaries and to retain and hire good employees,” he said. “It allows us to be fair to our employees. Hourly wages have been adjusted and corrected in accordance with the current Trumbull County wage schedule. “

Ten of the 11 employees received raises, and one who received a 14.4% increase from $ 26,279 to $ 30,063 quit in the past few days for a higher paying job, Alberini said.

Overall, the increases will cost $ 51,042 this year.

Mahoning County Election Board clerks receive $ 41,654 per year in salary to start. After 10 years of work, the salary increases by $ 1,456 and then by approximately $ 83 for each year an employee is there from grade 11.

In addition, the director of Mahoning and the deputy director each receive $ 81,200.

In the November general election, Mahoning County had 163,339 registered voters compared to 136,362 voters in Trumbull.

In Trumbull County, Principal Stephanie Penrose and Deputy Principal Edrea Mientkiewicz saw their annual salaries increase by 7.19%, from $ 59,262 to $ 63,952. Salaries are about 21 percent lower in Trumbull than in Mahoning for the top two electoral council positions.

Only Joanne Hulvalchick, administrative assistant, and Annie Renn, election tabulator, now receive more than the $ 41,654 per year in salary that the clerks of the Electoral Council of Mahoning receive to begin with.

Hulvalchick’s salary rose 7.65%, from $ 43,619 to $ 46,957, while Renn’s rose 7.34%, from $ 38,936 to $ 41,795.

The largest salary increase in dollars was $ 9,024 for Rachael Baker, the financial officer, from $ 31,016 to $ 40,040. The largest percentage increase (30.5%) went to Irene Maszczak, an election tabulator. His annual salary has increased from $ 26,279 to $ 34,295.

The starting salary on the board of directors goes from $ 12.31 an hour to $ 14.08, Alberini said.

Trumbull board members Diana Marchese and Ron Knight have spent the past four to five months reviewing job descriptions, responsibilities and salaries and comparing them to other election boards and employees of the Trumbull County, Alberini said.

Knight, the only one voting against the increases, said, “I’m old fashioned in that I can’t stand spending money we don’t have. I was also concerned that some employees were getting a substantial raise. Everyone got a raise, but some were substantial. I did not see the reason for the difference in salary. I agree that our employees are underpaid, but not in the action that was taken.

Knight said, “I wanted to see a consistent increase. I preferred that everyone got the same increase in dollars. I don’t agree with the rates.

Marchese said she supported the increase to “make it consistent with the Trumbull County salary scale.”

Board member Arno Hill voted in favor of the increases, although he said he was “not 100 percent there.” But I agree that we need to adjust the wages. If you have good people in the job market, you want to keep them. I have some reservations about this.

When asked why the board of directors had lower salaries than the rest of the county’s employees, Alberini said, “Good question. No one complained so nothing motivated us to make this decision. But we realized that it was harder to hire and keep good people at the rate we were paying. That’s why we looked at this.

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