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Experts say the “big quit” is on the cards in the UAE and the GCC in 2022 with 56% of candidates intending to change jobs.


Published: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 08:28

Last update: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 09:11

As the job market recovers from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, HR and recruitment industry leaders say the ‘big quit’ is on the cards in the UAE and GCC in 2022 with 56% of applicants intending to change jobs this year.

However, it is very important for a job seeker to compare and consider the salary and growth prospects that the new job or industry offers them from their current employer.

According to the latest Hay Middle East survey, 74% of employers in the UAE expect salaries within their organization to increase in 2022, while 70% of employers expect the workforce in their business are increasing this year.

Sarah Dixon, chief executive of Hays Middle East, said 49% of candidates reported no year-on-year salary change in 2021, and 8% even saw a drop. For those who got a raise in 2021, the most common reason was due to changing jobs and employers.

To guide people looking to change jobs in the UAE, here is the list of average salaries received by professionals in the UAE in various positions in different industries:

Accounting and finance :

>>Group Chief Financial Officer

>>Senior Director of Internal Audit

>>Internal Audit Manager

>>Financial Director

>>Financial Controller

>>Group Finance Manager

>>Tax Manager

>>Internal Audit Manager

>>Credit Manager

>>Financial Manager

>>Senior Financial Analyst

>> Management Accountant

>>Financial Analyst

>>Senior Accountant

>> Internal Auditor

>> Credit Controller


All management positions earn between 20,000 Dh and 40,000 Dh while the salary of the Director and CFO goes up to 160,000 Dh. While other roles can fetch a candidate between 10,000 Dh and 25,000 Dh.

Banking and financial services

>>General Manager

>>Investment Director

>>Director of Operations

>>Financial Director

>>General Manager

>>Executive Director


>>Senior Partner/VP

>>Portfolio Manager

>>Financial risk manager

>>Investment Associate

>> Senior Analyst

>>Compliance Manager

>>Equity Research Associate

>>Investment Analyst

>>Credit Analyst

>>Equity Research Analyst

>>KYC/AML Analyst

Senior executive positions such as CEOs, CFOs and administrators, etc., the salary ranges between Dh60,000 to Dh400,000 per month. While analysts and managers earn between 15,000 Dh and 60,000 Dh.

Human ressources

>>Human Resources Director

>>HR Manager

>>Senior HR Manager

>>Recruitment Manager

>>Recruitment consultant

>>HR Manager/Analyst

>> HR Admin/Coordinator

The salary of the senior human resources manager and administrative coordinators varies between 8,000 Dh and 50,000 Dh. While the monthly CHRO salary reaches 160,000 Dh in multinationals and large companies.


>>Legal Director

>> General Council

>>Senior Partner

>> Legal Advisor


>> Paralegal

>>Legal Secretary

>>Legal Coordinator


The monthly salary for the senior associate, paralegal and legal coordinators ranges between Dh10,000 to Dh62,000. While the salary of high-level professionals rises to 150,000 Dh per month.

Sales (Professional Services, FMCG)

>> Continuation C FMCG

>>Sales Manager

>>Country manager

>>Operations Manager

>>Media sales manager

>> Operations Manager

The monthly salary of the manager of FMCG C-Suite rises to 350,000 Dh. While the salary of a manager varies between 15,000 Dh and 50,000 Dh, depending on the role.


>> VP of Engineering

>>QA/Test Manager

>>DevOps Manager

>> Full Stock Developer

>> Mobile Application Developer

Salaries in the five categories above vary between 18,000 Dh and 90,000 Dh.

>>Office support

>> Personal Assistant

>>Office Manager

>> Private personal assistant

Salaries for these senior office support staff range between Dh15,000 and Dh30,000 per month.

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