University of Wisconsin Police Department September 10 Game Day Stats

The University of Wisconsin Police Department released statistics for Saturday’s football game against Washington State. The game saw an increase in nearly every stat from the Illinois State game the previous week.

It was the second straight home game of the season for the Badgers. There were 45 expulsions from the stadium, an increase from 27 last week.

Of the 45 ejections, 36 were UW-Madison students. The number of students expelled doubled to 18 in total in Illinois State’s home opener.

UW students also accounted for 93.5% of the 31 game day arrests. A prison transfer has been made.

Thirty of the 45 expelled — 28 of whom were UW students — received citations. Only one individual was cited for having had a fraudulent identification.

Underage drinking was the most common citation for a second consecutive week, with 25 people charged. Nineteen were charged the previous Saturday. The second most common citation was two counts of obstructing justice/resisting justice.

Six people in contact with police had blood alcohol levels of 0.20 or higher, two more than at the Illinois State game. Thirty-two first aid and 18 paramedic calls were made with two detox and an ambulance dispatched.

Fourteen expulsions without citations took place for intoxication, possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct and use of tobacco.

Citation and expulsion cases have occurred for those charged with underage drinking, obstruction and resisting justice, possession of alcohol in a stadium, possession of ID fraud and smoking at a sporting event. Some arrests received multiple citations.

Meanwhile, the Illinois State game has only seen citations issued for underage drinking.

One of the few declining stats this week was for seating issues in the student section, dropping from one to zero last weekend. There was also one less detox.

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