Verizon raises minimum wage for store and service employees, adds login and weekend bonuses

America’s Largest Carrier Verizon announced that it will increase the minimum wage for its customer service, retail specialists and inside sales employees to $20 an hour, building on the additional incentives it has. introduced for retail staff earlier in April and catching the $20/hour back in December.

Verizon’s pay increase is for new hires as well as existing employees who currently receive less than $20/hour, but new retail hires and assistant managers in tight labor markets will also receive a $20/hour bonus. signature. In addition, bilingual assistant managers and those who work during the holidays or on Sundays, will receive “premium differentials” now.

The move comes after retail giants like Walmart or Walgreens also raised the minimum wage for their employees to offset runaway inflation and keep their people happy amid the recent ‘Great Quit’ phenomenon that has saw a record number of Americans leaving their jobs in search of something better.

While the carrier “is consistently ranked as one of the Best Places to Work, was named one of Forbes’ Global Top Employers and Forbes’ Top Employer for Women in 2021, ranked #18 on LinkedIn’s Top American Companies of 2022, and was awarded 100% on the Disability Equality Index 2022“, reports Verizon, its seemingly drastic increase in the minimum wage comes with some caveats.

For example, you’ll earn $20/hour at Verizon as a starting point, but that’s just “when base salary and target commission are combined“, so hitting your sales quotas remains the important metric. T-Mobile’s base salary increase in December came with similar terms, and now that Verizon has raised its minimum wage, AT&T may follow the other two as well. According to Verizon COO Krista Bourne, the reason for the pay rise is to remain a preferred workplace: