Weekend curfew: Delhi gets mixed results on Day 1 | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The first day of the weekend curfew in Delhi saw a harassed police force dealing with people with no real reason to be on the streets, others who paid little attention to the demands of Covid and many who argued with them over why they were out of their homes, some even asked cops to confirm their co-passengers were sick by checking their body temperatures.
The cops were generally indulgent with such people.

At the Chilla border, a man and his son claimed they had come to Delhi from Agra for a medical examination, but when asked for the name of the hospital they were going to and to show supporting documentation, they couldn’t do it. In the rain, many vehicles lined up at the border, waiting to enter the capital. Traffic officers forced those who did not have valid papers to turn back. Some said they were coming back from night work, while others said they wanted to get to Chandigarh by car although they did not have the required documents.
A police officer, who declined to be named, said: “There were announcements by various media about the weekend curfew, but countless people said they were unaware. Many of those with passes and documents proving their need to drive quickly cleared the lines, but there were more needlessly on the roads that kept us busy. We couldn’t even get close to them for risk of infection. Those who turned around gave reasons such as driving to have their car serviced or to pick up relatives and so on.
The officer was exasperated that people were not even wearing their masks properly despite a two-year pandemic. The cops arrested many people who were not wearing masks. A man at the Gateway to India had a heated argument with the police, saying he was driving alone and did not need to wear a mask. He was booked but allowed to leave after being told he was going to pick up his wife doctor in Moradabad.
At India Gate, a few cars had pulled up near the National War Memorial and families were seen clicking selfies. There was a police picket nearby but most of the cars had a free passage despite a team of over 12 police stationed there as there was no way to ask the cars to turn around as it would caused an accumulation of traffic.
In parts of South Delhi and South East Delhi, many people argued with cops when faced with reasons for not wearing masks. “Despite the severity of the Covid infection, people still exchange words when you ask them to put on the mask properly or wear it to cover their mouth and nose,” said a police officer during a picket line. strike near Lajpat Nagar.