West Lothian charity responds to ‘damning’ food security statistics

West Lothian food security and employability charity The Larder has responded to shocking statistics published by The Food Foundation that one in seven people in the UK are food insecure.

The Larder, which was recently shortlisted for ‘Charity of the Year’ at the Scottish Charity Awards for its work in West Lothian, called the statistics a ‘damning indictment of our society’.

The Food Foundation has found that more than two million adults in the UK cannot afford to eat every day, with one in seven adults estimated to be food insecure, up 57% from January due to the rising cost of living in Britain.

CEO of The Larder Angela Moohan said: “These numbers are a damning condemnation of our society.

“People skipping meals, our poorest going hungry instead of being fed and millions of children going to bed with empty stomachs is shameful and proof that something in our society is broken.

“The numbers confirm what we already know.

“In West Lothian we provide meals for people who are hungry, but the number of people in need of food is increasing and we at The Larder are only scratching the surface in terms of the number of people we help compared to the number of people who need help to feed themselves. and their families. »

Food insecurity figures are expected to worsen over the coming months as inflation continues to rise alongside the rise in National Insurance and the lifting of the food price cap. energy.

Angela Moohan concludes: “This is now a national emergency and it is an emergency with rising energy costs that will only get worse.

“We urgently need government intervention in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government could and should convene a Cost of Living / Food Insecurity Summit to organize and fund coordinated action with councils, the third sector and themselves, to ensure that no no one in Scotland feels insecure about where their next meal is coming from.”

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