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What is public administration?

Public administration is the execution of public policy, administration and management of government agencies and enterprises and also an academic discipline that studies implementation aspects and prepares civil servants specifically for administrative purposes to work in the government sector. Public administration in the literal sense meant rendering service to the people by the state and its affiliated bodies, based on constitutional principles, various rules and regulations, methods of justice, ethics and equity.

Karl Marx defines administration as – _Administration is purposeful action taken in pursuit of a conscious goal. It is the systematic ordering of affairs and the calculated use of resources to bring about the things you want. _

According to White LD, Public administration includes all operations aimed at the execution or application of public order..

On the other hand, according to Woodrow Wilson, Public administration is a detailed and systematic application of the law.

Generally speaking, it can be said that public administration is nothing but the policies, practices, rules and regulations, etc. of the state, in action. Policy implementation is the raison d’être of public administration.

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