What is the salary of an IAS agent and what facilities do civil servants get?

Being an IAS officer is a big deal and it is a respected profession in the country. The life of an IAS agent is filled with many challenges. It takes hard work of hundreds of days and nights before you can become an IAS officer.

However, despite a reputable position and the power that comes with it, many of us still wonder “What are the benefits of an IAS agent?”. With a prestigious title and attractive salaries, here are all the advantages and powers enjoyed by IAS officers.

Salary of IAS agents

Salary and facilities of IAS agents that civil servants get | Picture file

IAS officers are the most senior officials in India’s administrative structure and, according to the 7th Salary Commission, a The basic salary of the IAS officer is Rs 56,100 per month. Salary for IAS officers depends on years of service and can reach up to 1.50,000. Levels range from junior scale, senior time scale, and junior administrative grade.


Wage scale

Remuneration by rank

Junior time scale

50,000 – 1.50,000


Senior time scale

50,000 – 1.50,001


Junior administrative rank

50,000 – 1.50,001


Selection Note

1,00,000 – 2,00,000


Super timescale

1,00,000 – 2,00,000


Above the Super Time Scale

1,00,000 – 2,00,000


Summit scale


N / A

Cabinet Secretary


N / A

In addition to base salary, IAS officers also receive high cost allowance, HRA (based on city of residence), and various other allowances. The salary of an IAS agent increases with time and rank.

IAS officer’s pension

IAS officers receive the lifetime pension scheme. The retirement home for all civil servants (except the armed forces) has been renovated since January 1, 2004. Accordingly, since January 1, 2004, civil servants in the Indian administrative services and other government employees must pay 10% of their retirement salaries and the government contributes 14%.

IAS Officer Security

IAS officer
Salary and facilities of IAS agents that civil servants get | leadersiasacademy

They are assigned 3 home guards and 2 bodyguards for themselves and their families. If they have a threat to their life, STF commandos can be called in for their safety.

Residential places for IAS agents

IAS officers are assigned bungalows or living units based on their ranks, pay scale, and seniority. They can also benefit from the services of housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, security guards, etc.

IAS Agent Travel Benefits

They enjoy affordable stays in government quarters or guesthouses or such establishments, whether they are traveling for official or unofficial reasons.

IAS Officer Electricity Bill

Unlike private sector employees, IAS agents are are not required to pay the bill for the regular household services they use. For example, electricity is either absolutely free or heavily subsidized for their official residence.

IAS officer vehicle

Salary and facilities of IAS officers that civil servants get
Salary and facilities of IAS agents that civil servants get | Representative picture

The vehicle given to the IAS officer cannot be used for his personal use; it should be used only for government or official work. And if they use it for personal use, they have to pay a nominal fee to the government. According to a India Grandstand report, agents can pay Rs 1 per km for use of official vehicles for personal work.

Jobs in other government organizations

A retired IAS officer also gets a job in other ministries. After their retirement, they are appointed to positions such as CAG, CEC, Governor, Lieutenant Governor and UPSC CIC in various commissions.

However, it is solely up to this IAS agent to decide whether or not he wishes to continue his work after retirement.

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